The Hands Up Foundation Golf Outing
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Player A Mr.  
Player B    
Rob Bailey   Zhang Financial
Chris Bathje   633 Group
Brandon Bauer   KEILEN LAW
Leonard Beck   Progressive Building
Erik Beckstrom   Progressive Building
John Beffel   The Long Shots
Jason Biull   The Long Shots
Brent Boss   Quality Air Service
Rick Bosse Quality Air Service, Inc. Quality Air Service
Dan Bracken   Team Chin Chin
Marcus Brussee   CTI Mechanical
Scott Burkett PrimeLending  
Jason Buss   Seelye Kia Team
Player C    
Brad Case   Neilsons
Mike Charvat Charvat Insurance Agency Charvat Insurance Agency
Mark Clark   Stafford Smith Inc.
Dustin Crandall   Hackett Law
Brett Cummings   KEILEN LAW
Player D    
Jeff Davis   Food Quest
Tailer Deal   Team Chin Chin
Andrew DeNooyer   633 Group
Sean DeYoung   Quality Air Service
Chip Diggs   Seelye Kia Team
Greg Ecker   The Long Shots
Zhang Financial Zhang Financial  
Zhang Financial    
Zhang Financial    
Zhang Financial    
Lucas Freudenburg   Orion Construction
Sam Gilbertson Willis Law  
Alex Grabemeyer   BJ Team
Rob Gray   Old National Bank
Bob Hackett   Hackett Law
Rich Harrison StaffordSmith Inc. Stafford Smith Inc.
Cookie Harrison   Stafford Smith Inc.
Kris Hatch   1.800 Hansons
Todd Heeter    
Chad Heeter   Great Lakes West LLC
Todd Heeter Great Lakes West Great Lakes West LLC
Todd Heeter    
Todd Heeter    
Todd Heeter    
Jonathan Herendeen   1.800 Hansons
John Higgs   Food Quest
Mike Higgs   Food Quest
Dave Holzwarth   Team Northern
Justin Horn   BJ Team
Justin Horn    
Matt Hughes   Charvat Insurance Agency
Ron Kahl   Seelye Kia Team
Ron Kahl    
Chris Kallgren   CTI Mechanical
Ross Keilen Keilen Law, PLC KEILEN LAW
Tom Kobreek   Team Northern
Mike Kreps   Stockwell
Bruce Kreps   Stockwell
Jerry Krupinski   Zhang Financial
Chad Kyger CTI Mechanical Contractors, Inc. CTI Mechanical
Jack Kyger   CTI Mechanical
Cory LaFountain   1.800 Hansons
Greg Lash   Paragon
Richie Latora   Team Chin Chin
Preston Marson   BJ Team
Mike Martin   Kalamazoo Mortgage
Brian Methner   Kalamazoo Mortgage
Steve Meyer   Charvat Insurance Agency
Brian Mick   Old National Bank
Dan Molnar   Great Lakes West LLC
CJ Noble   Orion Construction
Jim Ohm   Seelye Ford
Todd Page   Paragon
Jon Parcell   J Rangel
Brett Patten   Team Chin Chin
Brad Pentecost   1.800 Hansons
BJ Pratt   BJ Team
BJ Pratt Rose Street Advisors  
Stan Qualls   Seelye Ford
Ryan Rarick   Kalamazoo Mortgage
Ed Richards   Neilsons
Joe Richards   Neilsons
Nic Roersma   Hackett Law
Vivian Romo   J Rangel
Michael Ryan   Progressive Building
Kevin Sarret   Zhang Financial
Ryan Schmidt   The Long Shots
Brian Scott   Old National Bank
Mark Scott   Team Northern
Steve Scott Retired Team Northern
Courtney Scott   Great Lakes West LLC
Mickey Seelye   Seelye Ford
Tyler Shore   Onstaff
Jay Skippers   Zhang Financial
Jeff Smigielski Orion Construction Orion Construction
Jeff Smigielski   Orion Construction
Eric Smith   633 Group
Joe Spring   Hackett Law
"A rough should have high grass. When you go bowling they don't give you anything for landing in the gutter, do they?"
— Lee Trevino
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